Dear young basketball players, welcome to international basketball camp KASTA

We started back in 1998. We had the same dream as you did: to become big one. Extremely good conditions to work, a big number of high quality basketball coaches, and excellent organization, influenced that basketball camp KASTA became the part of the basketball tradition in the country of basketball champions..
"With basketball to stardom" is motto that become synonym for good teaching and development of young basketball players from most of European countries.

Concerning the total results of KASTA activities, we are very satisfied. Quality content of work and representative choice of those who take care about campers, and also those who would be presented by us in this text, are the guarantee that next year will be very successful.

15. years


In front of us is 15th year of work, and we are aware of great obligation that we have. Patiently, we prepare a new cycles of camp which has become a basketball unique textbook for youngest.

KASTA really became a basketball tradition even it's already known that process of making a tradition is suffering and slow

KASTA dla koszykarzy z Polski


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Przedstawiciel Kasta Belgrad w Polsce:
Tel. 606 829 642
E-mail: marek014@op.pl

Sign of the quality


The existing of KASTA camp made interested in a great number of participants, also a professional basketball public, having in mind it's original methods and sport solutions made by a very carefully picked up coaches.

Concerning the professional and qualitative organization of the camp, also the actions which were based on the legislated criteria and standards, even this year KASTA camp got the sign of the quality which is given by BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION OF SERBIA.