Dear young male and female basketball players,
welcome to International basketball camp KASTA!

In front of us is 20th year of work, and we are aware of great obligation that we have. Patiently, we prepare a new cycle of camp which has become a unique basketball textbook for the youngest. KASTA really became a basketball tradition even it’s already known that process of making a tradition is suffering and slow.

The operations of KASTA camp has made a lot of interest  in number of the participants, but also among professional basketball public, because of it’s original methodological and sport solutions made by a very carefully picked up coaches. Concerning the professional and organizational qualities of the camp, as well as  successfully completed actions, all based on the legislated criteria and standards, even this year KASTA camp got the sign of the quality which is given by


In addition to the licence of Basketball Federation of Serbia, which we held from the very beginning of camp operations, in 2013 International basketball camp KASTA received a great acknowledgement and verification of its own activities so far through the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ recognition and approval of our project “With basketball to stardom”. With this project we applied at Ministry of Youth and Sports’ open competition for special programs in field of sports aimed to realisation of goals established by the Strategy of development of sports in Republic of Serbia.

We are ready, you choose, we accept the challenge!

We work well persistently and we didn’t tire because we love our work, we do not boast of what we’ve done, but what we want to achieve.

The founders of the camp have accepted the large-scale and difficult task to make best known and top-level camp through a serious approach to this business. KASTA has become a gathering place for the most qualified basketball experts, trainers and promoters. It is obvious that each of them has different professional capacity, but in the work of the camp they use their abilities to the maximum. From the aspect of teaching and interpretation of the essence of basketball skills, KASTA represents the course in which professional and sport aspects are put to the foreground. The camp exclusively works with small groups of candidates. Professional staff of the camp has been following down through the years the results of real changes in basketball sport, but also record and analyze the achievements of those who have passed through our camp and depending on that supplement their system of work.

Let the numbers do the talking!

The significance of the camp is in promotion of the profession, in education of young players, but also in mass numbers of the participants.

Campers, practicing hard, passed through basketball camp KASTA
Basketball clubs showed trust in work of Basketball Camp KASTA
Coaches lived with us and for you on Basketball Camp KASTA

Media sponsors

We have the great honor and pleasure that the leaders of sport journalism in Serbia (SOS KANAL, SPORTSKI ŽURNAL and portal are covering all the actual and interesting news from every shift of International basketball camp KASTA.

Partners of camp KASTA

Partners of basketball camp Kasta with whom we have a long and successful cooperation and assistance in the realization of the camp are:
Hotel Neda – Rudnik where campers are accommodated,
MALURO manufacturer of KASTA sports equipment,
TABOOSPORT marketing agency that takes care of the visual identity and image of the camp, and
GRAFO ZOREX printing house that makes promotional printed materials of camp KASTA.